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Unique excursions to the best places
Zanzibar Islands in Tanzania.

Organized tours of the island with a personal guide.


Excursion to Prison Island

Prison island is a small private island located 5 km off the coast of Stone city on the West coast of Zanzibar. The island received its […]

Excursion to Old Stone Town

The city is a valuable human heritage site and is included in the UNESCO list. Once in the city, it seems that it is seasoned with […]

Tour of the spice garden

For centuries, Zanzibar has been known as the spice Island. Zanzibar was a major spice producer in the world, exporting cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, etc. With […]

Excursion to Cheetah’s Rock

Cheetah rock is a unique, very special place where people and animals interact directly-face to face, eye to eye. This is not a zoo or a […]

Sunset cruise on a Dhow

Local Dow boats daily take tourists on the Indian ocean, showing the natural beauty of Zanzibar. The cruise will allow you to see beautiful unspoilt beaches […]

Dolphin tour and Jozani Forest

The Dolphin tour and Jozani Reserve is a half-day tour that begins with a visit to the fishing village of Kizimkazi, in the South of Zanzibar. […]

Exciting safaris in Tanzania.

Organized safaris with a personal guide.


Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park Area: 3230 sq. Km. Mikumi forms the Northern border of the Selous nature reserve and is one of the most accessible national parks […]

Selous Game Reserved

Safari in Tanzania, Selous national Park-a tour of the largest protected area in all of Africa, which will allow you to understand how great the diversity […]

Blue Safari Adventure

Blue Safari Adventure – this is a one-day tour of The Menai Bay conservation area on traditional hand-built DOWS. Menai Bay is located in the village […]

Reviews of my favorite and dear guests.

"Thank you for your feedback and your trust! I am very glad that you all liked it. I will be happy to see you on your next trip to Zanzibar. All the best!"

- Suleiman Zanzibar

Suleiman, thank you for the Safari in Mikumi! Stoooolko animals! – it all started " Wow! Zebra!!!" and then "Aah, Zebra again..."? Zebras, elephants, lions, crocodiles, buffaloes, warthogs, Impalas, giraffes, hippos, baboons, wildebeest, various birds, snakes,.. Moreover, there are so many animals in the natural environment, even close to the Lodge where we had lunch and rested – you sit in a chair, and a few meters away from you roam animals, you can hear the roar of lions making love ?. Plus a colorful Maasai village. It was great!!!


So our beautiful Safari with the wizard Suleiman is over. The organization is excellent, the road is not tedious, the food is delicious, you want to find fault, but it will not work, everything is just great. On Safari, we saw zebras, giraffes, lions, buffaloes, warthogs, Impalas, elephants, jackals, monkeys and even hyenas, as well as various birds. Everything is great!?Suleiman, thank you for your new impressions).


Dear  travelers and future travelers!!!! I want to tell you all who are planning or have already purchased a tour to Zanzibar, you can take money, preferably dollars, buy plane tickets and most importantly write off the suleymans. EVERYTHING!!!! Fly to Zanzibar and the wizard Suleiman will organize a great vacation for you!!! Whatever you want, you will learn more about these places than encyclopedias would tell you!


Thank you to Suleiman for our unforgettable vacation -it is always nice when a person is happy to do their job! Everything is very detailed, with love and respect for everyone:tourists, Masai, residents of Zanzibar and Tanzania, as well as our smaller brothers???... We were with Suleiman on two excursions(Jozani forest and spices) and stone town. And I'm thrilled with everything. First of all, it is nice that the tour is adjusted to the wishes of customers, everything is very slow and detailed, but on time and to the place. Akuna Matata in the best sense. We Muscovites really miss this slowness and thoroughness. And gradually you get into the spirit of this red earth, this hot sun and open, a little naive and sincere people. Thanks for everything. I recommend it to everyone!!!!


Akuna Matata!) Mikumi Safari with Suleiman is really something incredible! I've never seen anything like this. The abundance of animals in the three-day Safari was just amazing, we really did not expect this. The prices are quite affordable. But it's better for you to see for yourself. We went to Dar es Salaam by ferry, and flew back by plane. Thank you to Suleiman for our unforgettable vacation! He gives a lot of money to excursions and safaris! Everything goes smoothly and thoroughly, right in the African way-Pole-Pole). We have long forgotten how to live so slowly. Recommend. Suleiman, Salam!


Suleiman is an amazing guide and person. He knows Russian very well, studied in Moscow, in RUDEN. Interesting and informative excursions. I recommend it to everyone!!! Even after the end of the tour - in the remaining days of rest, always on the phone, will give advice, recommendations on issues of interest, excursions. Suleiman - we are with you - Friends Forever !!!


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